I vividly remember Edel from the time when we worked and collaborated together, she within the Police Force and I within the Attorney General’s Office. Her dedication and professionalism have moved and impressed me for decades. And I knew of her anguish. I shared it.

    I will never forget her, nor the last time I saw her, some time ago, as she was sensing that the time had come for her to slip the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.

    She was a credit to her family and the police. Fantastic to see that there are really kind people out there, as she was, a great advert for the work every police officer does and makes one ponder the risks they take on our behalf and yet, there is still capacity to be so kind.

    I recollect the time and circumstances when she became a new edition to the police force and, in my eyes, was a shining example of what we all want our police force to be: determined, professional, but also providing the support we need. I was always confident that she, along with her colleagues, will make a real positive difference to the Malta Police Force.

    Edel was ever ready to assist whoever needed police intervention, physically or otherwise, and went well beyond her job requirements to ensure some kind of solution was found and meet the general expectations of the public.
    She never complained about being kept on duty to deal with whatever type of crime she was responsible to solve, and was very considerate and helpful. I hope that the authorities that be consider this officer for a posthumous commendation as this part of Police work is very important for members of the public who, in their hour of need can rely on the police to assist and help them through a crisis.

    I feel that Edel should be appropriately remembered, appreciated and recognised for having been a real credit to the service.

    Last, but not least, to her family, please accept my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one.

    Dr. Mark Said,
    Senior Legal Counsel,
    Department of Justice.


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