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    The Malta Police Association Announces Change in Name


    The Malta Police Association, a Trade Union representing the interests of Police Officers and employees of the Police Force in Malta and Gozo, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding, which includes the name which will now be The Malta Police Union. This change was felt to reflect more the reality that the Malta Police Association is a Trade Union since 2015.


    The Malta Police Association was a pioneer when it came to safeguarding the rights of police officers since the 26th July 1955. Through its existence the MPA progressed from an in-house association to a fully-fledged workers union within its own right. The Malta Police Union will continue to be independent, without any direct ties to any other Union or organization.


    Our new motto ‘Your Choice. Your Voice.’ reflects the aims and objectives of the Union since it is, and will remain the natural choice for Police Officers and employees of the Malta Police Force. The Union guarantees that its members will be heard and their grievances acted upon according to its Statute.


    From a brand which highlighted the fact that the Association was a Union, we now focus totally on the issues of the individual member and how to resolve them.


    The Union will continue its work with more determination and will ensure that its members, are not considered second class citizens due to the simple fact that they are members of a ‘disciplined force’. These include, but not limited to ensure that Malta complies with the


    provision of Article 6(4) of the European Social Charter thus granting the right for Police Officers to strike (with guarantees), amendments to allow Police officers sport a beard and tattoos, action so that Police officers are not anymore treated as de-facto cleaners and cease cleaning the property of the Police Department, Special Duty Allowance or similar type of allowance for District Police officers, together with a Police pension reform.


    Bearing in mind that a Police officer is still a citizen of this country, and that on a daily basis they put their lives at risk for the common good, we embark on this new and exciting venture, hoping that the future will be better and that the Malta Police Force, becomes attractable again for new prospective employees.


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