Unsuitable working environment.

  • Unsuitable working environment.

    Unsuitable working environment.

    The Malta Police Union is making reference to EU legislation for the minimum safety and health requirements for the workplace ‘’During working hours, the temperature in rooms containing workplaces must be adequate for human beings, having regard to the working methods being used and the physical demands placed on the workers’’.


    The photograph today’s temperature at one of St. Julian’s Police Station offices. The Union is considering that this workplace is not adequate for human beings, due to the high temperature thereat. This issue is also present in other police estate which include but not limited to Offices at the General Headquarters, Haż-Żebbug, Marsascala, Marsa, Qawra and Mgarr-Gozo.


    The Union has been in constant contact with the administration for the past weeks, but the reply to wait for the tender to be awarded is not acceptable. Summer comes every year and better planning could have avoided this inconvenience to our members, and the general public who also may make use of these premises.


    The Union is requesting this issue be to be addressed immediately. This is the real test for the implementation of the Transformation Strategy Objective 8 in reality where ‘’ The quality of the environment and work experience of all personnel are of great importance, and these will be improved through an upgraded and well-maintained working environment.’’


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