Proposal by MPU | Budget 2022

  • Proposal by MPU | Budget 2022

    Proposal by MPU | Budget 2022

    The Malta Police Union, since 2004 has been submitting several requests to the Government and within the Police Negotiation Board (PNB), to obtain an increase for police pensions (Treasury).


    Members of the Malta Police Force, like other members of Disciplined Forces, are entitled to receive a pension after 25 years of service. This is regulated by Article 101 of Chapter 164 (Police Act) of the Laws of Malta.


    In terms of same Act, the pension awarded cannot be more than two–thirds (⅔) of the highest salary ever received by the public official. For example, in the case of a public official who has a salary of €14,000 and thirty years or more reckonable service, his/her pension would be €9,333.33. The Malta Police Union feels that this pension becomes minimal along the years due to increases granted by the Governments along the years to other sections, together with the increase in the cost of living.


    Therefore, it is being proposed that the provisions of Chapter 164 be amended so that police pension (treasury) will be adjusted and revised every 3 years according to the basic pay of the rank and scale in which that particular officer was on the day previous to his retirement from the Malta Police Force. In this way the Police pensions are increased every 3 years till that person reaches the national retirement age.

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