Registration of Industrial Dispute | Assistance to Other Agencies/Authorities

  • Registration of Industrial Dispute | Assistance to Other Agencies/Authorities

    Registration of Industrial Dispute | Assistance to Other Agencies/Authorities

    Subject: Registration of a Trade Dispute by the Malta Police Union (RTU-302) against the Commissioner of Police.


    The Executive Committee today registered a Trade Dispute against the Commissioner of Police in relation to additional duties, being imposed on members of the Police Force, which do not pertain to the Malta Police Force by reason and nature.


    Summary of the issue;


    Members of the Force whilst on duty at the Police Station, are receiving requests for assistance by Transport Malta and L.E.S.A officers. An example is the 6th September 2021 where on that day, at the Valletta Police Station, TM official pretended that our members call the owners of 53 vehicles so they remove same for road works to be carried. This is a daily occurrence and is having a very negative effect on already stretched to the limit officers.

    The Union, is not against assisting Transport Malta, LESA, Local Councils or any other entity but within reason and proportionality, and when their safety is at risk.

    The Malta Police Force, re-issued contents of past Circulars in GHQ Circular 02/21 dated 12th February 2021 where the Commissioner instructs the members of the Force to assist these officers.


    (Since the Circular is an internal document, we will not be publishing an extract at this time as our intention is not to prejudice any functions of the Force.)


    If anyone from the Malta Police Force consults local legislation, S.L.65.13 (Regulation 3) clearly indicates that ‘’ The Commissioner or the Authority or the Council or the Agency may remove, store and dispose of any encumbering object which is causing any nuisance, inconvenience or obstruction and is in a place or space which is not lawfully permitted to be used for such purpose, or if such place or space is specifically indicated as a towing zone:’’


    Furthermore, in the Schedule (Article 12) of S.L.499.51, Part 1 (f) clearly states that Clamping and Removal of Motor Vehicle and Encumbering Objects Regulations (3,4 and 7) are within the remit of Transport Enforcement Officers. No assistance is needed from the Malta Police Force as the Law provides them with the necessary powers.


    The Union had a scheduled meeting on the matter, however it is mesmerising and astonishing to notice, that a part of the Malta Police Force does not regard any discussions with the Union and continue to dig down more and more. Unfortunately yet again, room for discussion had been hijacked  as once again, there has been a re-affirmation of a decision taken through the GHQ Circular quoted previously without any consultation, or without giving any time to the already late consultation process at the request of the Union to mature and develop.

    Our aim is always to resolve the matters internaly, however this is impossible in the current circumstances.

    We reiterate our position that since TM officials have equivalent powers on this matter, the Police Force should not be involved in their normal duties as long as no concrete assistance to protect same officers is requested.

    The Union will monitor the situation carefully and does not exclude any further actions on the matter.

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