Forgotten and taken for a ride.

  • Forgotten and taken for a ride.

    Forgotten and taken for a ride.

    Subject: Booster dose to members of the Police Force.


    Members of the Police Force are once again being taken for a ride as they received an email stating that those over 45years of age will receive their booster dose around mid-January 2022.


    When you consider that many officers join the Force at the age of 18 or 19, at the age of 45 they would have already left. In fact, PQ 22140 dated 5th October 2021 highlights that only 263 members are still in the Force after completing the 25 years of service. We will add 25% so the number of officers becomes 330.


    We will have a sorry situation where during the Yuletide period, almost none of our Police officers will have received their booster dose, and in mid-January, only a small percentage of the almost 2000 strong Force will be eligible.


    This is a joke and is not acceptable. The Union has always considered the health and safety of its members a priority and will take the necessary steps to ensure this.


    It is a shame that our officers are still considered sons of a lesser god.


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