Subject: Registration of Trade Dispute against the Commissioner of Police due to deteriorating conditions of work for members of the Malta Police Force

  • Subject: Registration of Trade Dispute against the Commissioner of Police due to deteriorating conditions of work for members of the Malta Police Force

    The Executive Committee registered yet another dispute against the Commissioner of Police in relation to, changes in the working conditions being implemented without any consultation and which will have a negative effect on our officers whilst continue to drain officers from districts.


    The Malta Police Union has been following the situation closely and carefully the situation in the Police Force; a situation of disappointment, demotivation and great uncertainty amongst all members of the Forces. This situation is deeply affecting the mental well-being of the Police Officers and their families.



    This situation is the result of several decisions made without consultation with the Union and lack of experience by those directing the decisions in terms of work and real demands of the Police Force. The Force cannot be administered from an office through a computer.


    What exactly is happening?


    The Union, on a daily basis is being inundated with complaints from its members regarding the inhumane working situation in various branches, mostly Districts. The Police Force is struggling to keep it daily commitments, in times when the usual commitments are non-existent. God help us when the Covid-19 measures are lifted.


    This situation is being worsened after the Administration ordered that the amount of overtime be reduced. This overtime is used to cover mostly Fixed Points. As a result of this bad decision, officers including Sergeants, whose duty is to work in the various stations around Malta and Gozo, are being ordered to cover these Fixed Points with the result that the Police Stations are being depleted further from the necessary staff needed to offer a basic service to the general Public. Our districts are not equipped to handle a major accident where a large number of officers are required to intervene.


    And all this at a time when the administrative duties are increasing drastically, with demands and instructions from the same administration in order to maintain attractive statistical numbers which might give a picture that everything is ok to the general public, when in fact it’s not. Facebook likes, surveys and ratings which mean nothing have become the priority to the Police Administration.


    How will the problem be solved? By continuing to reduce the extra income Police Officers can earn during their free time so that they can live a decent life, together with their families?


    The Malta Police Union feels that irreparable damage has been done, however in Floriana, it’s business as usual. The Union blew the whistle on different occasions, but if the line item in the Malta Police Force Transformation Strategy, the Force will implement it, no matter what.


    A strategy which costed a huge amount of money, and which is continuing to cost us money with all the staff deployed to make it function, when in reality it is impossible, has brought only havoc amongst members of the Police Force.


    The Malta Police Union feels that, irrespective of what is said during press conferences and similar shenanigans, Police Officers are being ignored and abandoned by the Government.

    What is the Government waiting for to intervene? We will soon arrive to the point when no Police officers will be available. Mental health is an important issue, which within the Malta Police Force, no one cares of. The wellbeing is only used for promotional purposes.


    When it feels it’s too much, it is too much.


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