Active Directives List

  • Active Directives List

    Active Directives List

    Applicable to all members of the Force:

    1. Refrain from assisting other entities which have equivalent ‘Police Powers’ unless it is an
    emergency which may create danger or cause harm to any individual.
    2. Police officers are not to hand any telephone set to non-police department staff, as a measure
    to protect their personal safety.

    Applicable to MPU members only;

    3 Male members of the Union, whether uniformed or plain clothes, may sport a beard as long as it
    is well groomed;
    4 All members of the Union, whilst on all duties and at The ADF are not to wear their police cap;
    5 Members of the Union may have their hair dyed (except in conspicuous colours);
    6 Nail polish of any colour may be used by Union members.
    7 Tie is not to be worn (except for Court & tribunal)
    8 During inspections of any type, refrain from entering any building and/or premises, except when
    there is a call for help, in case of emergency or danger to the safety of another person. (this
    is only applicable to those who have not yet received their booster dose)

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