Active Directives List [last update 30/06/2022]

  • Active Directives List [last update 30/06/2022]

    Active Directives List [last update 30/06/2022]

    Applicable to all members of the Force:

    1. Refrain from assisting other entities which have equivalent ‘Police Powers’ unless it is an
    emergency which may create danger or cause harm to any individual.
    2. Police officers are not to hand any telephone set to non-police department staff, as a measure
    to protect their personal safety.

    Applicable to MPU members only;

    3 Male members of the Union, whether uniformed or plain clothes, may sport a beard as long as it
    is well groomed;
    4 All members of the Union, whilst on all duties and at The ADF are not to wear their police cap;
    5 Members of the Union may have their hair dyed (except in conspicuous colours);
    6 Nail polish of any colour may be used by Union members.
    7 Tie is not to be worn (except for Court & tribunal)

    8. Do not collect body worn cameras from another location other than than you are duty in.

    9. Do not perform any duty which was being done by LESA officers prior to the commencement of the Industrial Actions by same.

    Directives in effect from 6am on Friday 1st July 2022

    10. Can wear their Police issued baseball cap;

    11. Can wear their Police Issued T-Shirt for all duties (except Court and Tribunal), together with their Police Identification Tag;

    12. Do not perform fixed duties with barriers during feasts and events;

    13. Only accept reports which occurred in the district you are performing duty in;

    14. When called by the Professional Standards, do not reply to any question, either directly or indirectly (internal discipline cases only);

    15. Do not submit any statement of facts when requested by your superior, except when this is to be entered into the NPS report as part of an investigation;

    16. Do not collect any applications of any nature or subject from from;

    17. Do not charge any Police issued equipment (mobile phones, radios, torches etc.) at home;

    18. When you terminate your duty, activate the ‘Out of Office reply’ and do not check emails and Facebook messages when not on active duty or paid overtime to do so;

    19. Do not check any system which accepts online reports (ex. OPRES) or do not enter any reports received via email or any other system;

    20. Ignore any tickets/charges quota requests by your superior and do not submit any tickets/charges return.

    The Union will take action, on a personal level against anyone who threatens our members, directly or indirectly not to follow Union directives, or punishes or discriminates against our members by giving them duties where these are ‘hidden’ to make the situation seem as normal as possible.


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