Sectoral Agreement 2018 [Anomaly]

  • Sectoral Agreement 2018 [Anomaly]

    Sectoral Agreement 2018 [Anomaly]

    The Malta Union is making reference to information released on the 4th February 2022 regarding the ‘resolution’ of an anomaly which effected some members of the Police Force after the signing of the Sectoral Agreement 2018.


    Since the Malta Police Union is a signatory of the Sectoral Agreement 2018 and no changes can be made without it being involved, after seeing the published information, in silence we continued to investigate about the matter to see what happened and why we were left out.


    On the 16th February 2022, the Union (MPU) had a meeting with the Permanent Secretary (MHSE), the Commissioner of Police, Director General (MPF) and other high-ranking officers from the Civil Service regarding several issues, which we already reported about.


    This so called ‘agreement’ has been pointed out by the MPU to obtain further information as this also affects our members.


    To our surprise, we were told that there exists no agreement with anyone. It was made clear that we will continue to investigate the matter to those present and in fact, we sent requests in writing after the meeting.


    It is to be pointed out that the Union has been working to resolve this matter since the signing of the Sectoral Agreement after this issue has been highlighted, and although there are no concrete results due to the way local legislation and the PSMC are being quoted, this is a matter to be included in future MPU negotiations.


    To be sure about this serious matter, MPU Secretary filed a Freedom of Information Request to the Malta Police Force as the Commissioner of Police had been mentioned as being part of this ‘agreement’ Our request has been refused (rightly so) as this document (with reference to the ‘agreement’) does not exist.


    We also sent correspondence to the Permanent Secretary (MHSE) to confirm the existence of this ‘agreement’. The reply remained the same, that there was no ‘agreement’ with the Hon. Minister Dr. Byron Camilleri.

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